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Sunset Campfire Outing | Wilmore Park, Edson Alberta

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Several of our members met on one of our beautiful October evenings to enjoy a campfire and of course some photography practice. Members played with external flash as the sun dipped below the clouds, and experimented with different lighting conditions for their photos. Our Wilmore Park outing provided for a fun night of learning!

Pictured above: Club President Lockyer Mercer demo's how to use flash in a fun and different way. He created a fake sun flare by holding a speedlight to one side of camera with an orange gel atop it.

Pictured Below: Lockyers Final Edited Image

Pictured Above: Club Vice President Jordan Conarroe shows the difference made and importance of feathering light when using external flash.

1st Image: No external flash used to supplement extra light into image. As you can see our subject blends into the darkness and we lose detail in her body as it is extremely dark.

2nd Image: External flash is added to image but with no light feathering; flash is pointed straight at our subject. Image is very bright and light is not defining any specific part of our subject.

3rd Image shown below: External flash is added into image but feathered off of our subject leaving us with a natural and soft looking light. This shows the importance of using flash in dark situations. By using flash here we are now able to see definition in our subjects body instead of just the darkness of the scene.

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